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Wireless Data/Voice Transceiver
Introduction Theory Amplifiers Using IC-741 Op-Amp 555 Timer & Related Theory Modulation Techniques Analog modulation, Digital modulation FM Modulation & Demodulation Tuned Collector Oscillator FM Transmitter F M Demodulation Using PLL ASK Generation & Detection ASK Generation using 555 Timer ASK Detection Using Comparator Radiation, Antennas and Electromagnetic wave Propagation Concept of antenna, Dipole, Folded Dipole and Monopole Antenna Propagation of Electromagnetic wave Audio Accessories Loud speaker & Microphone Pre- Amplifier & Beep Tone Generator Audio Power Amplifier Regulated Power Supply Design Consideration Selection & Calculations Block Diagram & Operations Block Diagram,Circuit operation of Transmitter & Receiver Experimental Results Signals Observed in CRO Manufacture's Specifications Data Sheets 555 Timer 741 op-amp TBA 810 power amp Conclusion Advantage Disadvantage Future aspects Acknowledgement Reference.
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Design of Automatic Cooling Fan
An Electronic Project Index Introduction Theory Comparator Relay Regulated Power Supply Design Consideration Circuit Diagram Component Used Alternative Components Notes on Components PCB Layout Block Diagram & Operations Block Diagram Circuit operation Data Sheet 741 op-amp Conclusion Application Scope Acknowledgement Reference.
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