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C, C++, VC++, COM/DCOM, DLL and more
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Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering

  • Network Analysis: Van Valkenburg
  • Network and Systems: D. Roy Choudhary
  • Integrated Electronics: Jacob Milman &C. Halkias, Millman &Grabel
  • Integrated Circuits: K.R. Botkar
  • Op. Amps &Linear Integrated Circuit: Gayakwad
  • Digital Logic &Computer Design: Moris Mano
  • Signals and System: Oppehum, Willsky &Nacob
  • Automatic Control System: Benjamin C. Kuo
  • Control System Engineering: Nagrath &Gopal
  • Principle of Communication System: Taub &Schilling
  • Communication System: A. Bruu Carlson
  • Electromagnetic Waves &Radiating Systems: Jardon &Balmain, JD Kraus

Computer Science Engineering

  • Mathematical Logic: Discrete Mathematics by Tremblay Manohar, Probability , statistics and queuing theory " by S.C.Gupta &V.K.Kapoor
  • Graph Theory: Narsingh Deo
  • Linear Algebra: Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal
  • Numerical Methods: S.S. Sastry
  • Formal Language and Automata Theory: Formal Languages and Automata theory", J.D.Ullman etal
  • Analysis of Algorithms and Computational Complexity: Introduction to algorithms" - Cormen etal
  • "Computer Algorithms" - Horowitz and Sahani
  • Digital Logic: " Digital Logic circuits and Design " by Morris Mano
  • Computer Organization: " Computer Organisation " by Morris Mano