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Dynamic Link Library Topics

answer What is DLL and what are their usages and advantages?

answer What are the sections in a DLL executable/binary?

answer Explain the working mechanism of a DLL?

answer Where should we store DLLs ?

answer Who loads and links the DLLs?

answer What is dependency chain when using DLL?

answer How many types of linking are there?

answer What is the entry point function of a DLL?

answer What is implicit and explicit linking in dynamic loading?

answer How functions are imported and exported in a module?

answer How can I export a function from a module?

answer What is the utility of the keyword: __declspec(dllimport), __declspec(dllexport)?

answer How can I export a function without __declspec(dllexport) keyword?

answer Why the keyword extern C is used for codes when used with a C++ compiler?

answer What is name mangling in C++ function?

answer How a whole class can be exported?

answer How to call a function of a DLL? Implicit and Explicit call

answer When ever we execute an EXE, one application instance is created for each execution. Is it true for DLL also? How many instance of a DLL is created if a DLL is loaded from 5 different applications? Explain.

answer How a DLL comes to know that it has been loaded by one application as well as unloaded by it?

answer How Win32 sub-system informs the DLL when the application creates a thread?

answer What are AFX Extension class and Extension DLLs?

answer How classes are exported in MFC DLL?

answer For imports we use dllimport and for export we use dllexport keyword. MFC uses only one keyword AFX_EXT_CLASS, how can that be possible?

answer How we use dynamic linking in Linux? Give example.

answer What is resource DLL? When and how we can use it?

answer How to call a DLL function from Visual Besic?

answer How to call a DLL function from java? (Calling C/C++ native function from Java)

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