In general __declspec(dllexport) keyword is the common way to export a function from a module. Export definition file or .def file is another way to include and list the names of the exported functions/symbols of a module. It works with the MS VC++ linker. It tells the linker to export the names.

Here are the syntax of a .def file:

LIBRARY      <Library/DLL Name>
	<Function Name1>     @1 PRIVATE
	<Function Name2>     @2 PRIVATE
Please note comments are given after ";" and @ defines the ordinal number or the index of the function in the export table.

; MyDll.def : Declares the module parameters.
LIBRARY      "MyDll.DLL"
    DllCanUnloadNow     @1 PRIVATE
    DllGetClassObject   @2 PRIVATE
    DllRegisterServer   @3 PRIVATE
    DllUnregisterServer @4 PRIVATE

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