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252 Exam and interview questions on C language for developers/learners. Click on the link to get the detailed explanations. One you visit any answer you can navigate through next and previous link to jump from one answer to another. You can also select index to come back to this index page. Please provide us the rating and feedbacks of our questions and answers.

History and background

Program and programming elements

Datatypes and storage

Statements and Decision making

Loop/Repetitive statements

Logical and bitwise Operators

Console Input output


Dynamic memory handing

Emum and macros

Pre-processor directives

Array and Multidimentional Array

Circular/Ring Buffer

Strings and string checking

Experiments with Integers

Prime numbers and number factors

Printing star triangles

User defined data types

Functions and functions calls

Recursion and number series

Variadic Function and macros

Memory and string functions

Exception handling

Memory handling issues

CPU specific

Data structure and array

Linked list Queue, Stack

Tree Data structure and algorithms

Search algorithms

Sorting algorithms

OS shell parameter passing

Signal handling

Library and DLLs

Interfacing with Java VB DLLs Libraries

Math Library functions

File System handling

Low level System Programming

Graphics and Mouse interfacing

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