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We are one of the leading educational websites and we provide quality content in C C++ Programming, Win32 VC++ MFC Programming, COM DCOM ActiveX programming, Programming Dynamic Link Libraries and much more. EQuestionAnswers Inc. is an organization founded by a group of professional engineers in the year 2010.

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This website is open to all students, teachers, and professionals. We welcome you to sign in for a free membership. We have a wide range of questions and answers, notes, books, white papers to help you in your study.

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We have a passionate team working in various fields to bring you the best of content quality. We ensure accurate and in-depth technical details of the topics. Most of our team members are working professionals from various fields of software engineering. They are located in different cities of India and USA.


Name: Shantanu
Profession: Lead software engineer
Skillsets: C, Win32, COM, Embedded sys
Experience: 16 Years @ 2020
Location: Bangalore

Name: Snehasish
Profession: Senior software engineer
Skillsets: OOPs, C++, JAVA
Experience: 6 Years @ 2020
Location: Kolkata

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