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C Programming Question and Answers

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Structured programming, pointer, prinf, scanf, string, fprintf, fscanf, decimal places, multiple arguments, variadic function, calling convention, Operator precedence Ternary Operator switch statement,continue statement, for loop, While loop, do-while loop, infinite loop,function prototype, definition, linking call by value and call by ref, give example, const, external and static variable, global register and auto variable, debug and release version Token pasting, Characterizing? file - binary and text mode, #define and typedef near, far and huge pointer, sizeof void pointer, l-value macro and inline function malloc and calloc argc, argv, strcpy and strcat, logical,arithmatic and bitwise operators, macros, stack, arguments,exceptions, setjump and longjump.
#C Programming Question and Answers

C++ Programming Question and Answers

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Object-oriented language, C and C++, C++ and JAVA, encapsulation, constructor, overloaded constructor, decopy constructor, deep copy, shallow copy, singleton class, abstraction or data hiding, this pointer, static function, scope resolution operator, inline function in C++, private member and a protected member, const function, polymorphism, overloading, overriding, prefix, postfix increment, friend, sizeof, virtual function, vptr and vtable early binding and late binding inheritance,virtual constructor, virtual base class, exception handling, namespace mutable, explicit, object slicing, virtual destructor, info, dynamic casting, static, const, reinterpret casing,template.
#C++ Programming Question and Answers

C/C++ under Windows, Win32 APIs, MFC

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GUI based program, SDK and API, DLL components, WinMain(), CallBack, calling conventions,PASCAL, CALLBACK, WINAPI, DefWindowProc(), LPARAM and WPARAM, MGS, message pump, window class, Register, WM_PAINT, BeginPaint, EndPaint, GetDC(), ReleaseDC(), Device Context, GetDC() and GetWindowDC(), client and non-client area, mouse events, unicode and international character/multi language support, string table, MFC application, CWinApp, CCmdTarget, m_pMainWnd, DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP(), BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP() and END_MESSAGE_MAP() , resource DLL, GDI, PEN, BRUSH, SaveDC, RECT, Bitmap, pallet, font, MetaFile, GetDeviceCaps(), GetSystemMetrics(), GetFontMetrics(), carat, menu, context menu, "Modal" and "Modeless" Dialog, CDataExchange, DoDataExchange(), UpdateData(), property sheet and property page, timer, clipboard, view control, Image List, common dialogs, File Open Dialog FindReplace, CStudioFile, drag-n-drop, serializtion, CArchive, worker thread and UI thread, AfxBeginThread(), synchonization, Frame, Doc/View, CRuntime class, RTTI, IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC? CFrameWnd, OnFilePrint().
#C/C++ under Windows and MFC

Dynamic Link Library Programming

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Static, dynamic, implecit and explecit linking, imported and exported in a module, declspec(dllimport), declspec(dllexport), extern "C" , name mangled, AFX Extension class, AFX_EXT_CLASS.

#DLL Programming

Component Object model COM/DCOM/ActiveX Programming

COM/DCOM Programming:

OLE, COM, C++ exported class, interface based programming, IDL, ODL, COM class, QueryInterface(), AddRef() and Release() function? HRESULT, wrapper class, BSTR, factory class, IClassFactory, CreateInstance(), LockServer(), entry and exit point, self-registration and unregistration, CLSID, GUID, UUID, APPID, InProc (In Process) and Out-Of-Process, proxy/stub scheleton, help/guide line string, [in], [out], [in,out] and [out,retval], co-class, smart pointer, Marshalling, TypeLibrary, IUnknown, IDispatch, GetIDsofName(), Invoke(), Automation, SAFE ARRAY, enum types, callback, connectable object, Sink object, Apartment, STA, MTA, Single and Multi-Threaded Apartment, ActiveX, IEnumXXX, in-bound and out-bound interface, out-of process, SINGLEUSE, MULTIUSE, MULTI_SEPARATE, SUSPENDED, SURROGATE, COM aggrigation.


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