This simple project will protect your doors and windows from thieves and unwanted persons during night. Cost of the project is very low and the circuit is simple.

Burglar Alarm Project

This project will helps you to understand how a UPS works and also introduce you with a simple UPS circuit that will works as well as a normal UPS. The circuit is very simple and easy to construct.

Simple UPS Project

In our project we are going to build an electronic device that will be an alternative to the battery. Yes, we are going to build a regulated power supply from AC mains.

DC Power Supply Project

Mike Beeper is a mini project idea for those who want a simple Beeper circuit instead of a beep circuit made by a 555 timer in astable mode.

Mike Beeper Project

In this project we are going to build a light activated switch. A switch that automatically turns on a light when it is dark and turns off automatically when light is there.

Light Activated Switch Project

FM wireless Mike is a small electronic project based on a radio transmitter. It is a wonderful idea to make a wacky talky through which you can talk to your friend, next door.

FM Wireless Mike Project

If you ever worked with electronics before then you will not get any difficulties to get the success of the project. It is a Direct Coupled AM radio.

Direct-Coupled Radio Project

This project is a wonderful idea of saving electric bill when you are using a heavy wattage bulbs. With miniature components and extreme care you can build a low power lamp dimmer right into the socket.

Lamp Dimmer Project