[in] parameter - Input parameter used to pass the parameter from client to server. Server reads these parameter and takes the decision. S papameters.

[out] parameter - Output parameter used to pass the parameter from server to client. Client provides the address reference and server pro to the address. Server has to allocate dynamic buffer if the out parameter is an array/string or other buffers. Server writes the address

[in,out] parameter - Input output parameters are used to pass the parameter from client to server and again server to client. These param writable in both directions. Client can provide some address which server can use and server can return back some address which client ca

[out,retval] parameter - Output return parameter used to return the value from server to client. This is a logical return value and only all parameters. These are always pointers and server fills the value. In case of dynamic array and strings this parameter is pointer to a pointer. Server address by writing to the pointer. Client has to free the buffer.

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