C / C++ Questions and Answers

C questions banner, history of programming languages, History of C, flow chart, pseudo codes, ares of development, C compilers and editors IDEs, Turbo/Borland C, GCC, VC++, Watcom C, DJGPP, Xcode, , first C program, header files, library, compilation, pre-processing, compilation, optimization, linking format, debugging with GDB, structured programming language, , data types, storage classes, volatile variable, external vs static, global vs static variable, register vs auto variable, const, sizeof void, , if, if-else, if-else-if, label and goto, switch case, compare with ==, execution sequence, , loop statements, for, while, do-while loop syntax, for to while, do-while and while usage, infinite loops, break and continue, switch statement, continue in switch and loops, , basic operators, logical operators, logical vs bitwise operators, logical and bitwise or, bit shifting, obtain bit mask, reverse bits, swap bits, bit set, reset/clear, toggle, xor operator, bitwise shifting, Operator precedence, operator precedence, ternary operator, , fprintf, fscanf working principal, printing pointers, scanf string input, scan string with blanks, scanf string ends with newline, return of scanf, return of printf, scanf with printf, print using fprintf, take input using fscanf, floating point formatting, , pointers, string vs integer pointer, long pointer increment, short pointer increment, short pointer increment, memory model, near, far and huge pointer, typed pointers and void pointer, sizeof void and void pointer, operators for void pointer, , address of local and dynamic variable, malloc vs calloc, NULL pointer, , enum type, macro, macro vs constant, enum vs macro, macro vs typedef, , debug builds, debug macros, compiler macro for C++, FILE, LINE, DATE, TIME, compiler marcos, token pasting, characterizing, , array, multidimensional arrays, 2D and 3D dynamic array, add Matrix, multiply Matrix, adjacency Matrix, , Circular buffer, , char array and char pointers, const char *,char * const, const char * const, alpha numeric, palindrome, convert case, string to int, int to string, , reverse decimal digits, signed and unsigned compare, palindrome digits, upper and lower 16bit of 32bit unsigned, Exchange variables, , prime number, HCF, LCM, , Pascals triangle, , user defined types, typedef, struct type, union type, struct vs union, struct pack padding, size of a structure, bit fields, l-value, struct and array, , function declaration and definition, calling conventions, calling convention of C,C++ and PASCAL, library function linking, call-by-value and call-by-reference, parameter passing call-by-value, parameter passing call-by-reference, structure as function argument, array as function argument, inline-functions, macro vs inline-function, function pointer, default C++ argument value, , Recursion, factorial using recursion, Fibonaci using recursion, Armstrong number, , variadic functions, variadic macro, multiple arguments in printf and scanf, , strcpy and strcat source, memcpy vs memmove, strrev source, strdup, strtok, macro definition, , C exception handling, setjmp and longjmp, , trace a memory leak, detect memory corruption, , Big Endian and Little Endian, stack grows up or down, , C and Data Structures, Data Structures using array, , Linked List, Single Linked list, Doubly Linked list, Circular Linked list, Doubly Circular Linked list, Queue, reverse single linked list, delete single linked list, Stack, , Tree and Binary tree, Binary tree, traverse Binary tree, Binary search tree, double Binary tree, mirror Binary tree, height of Binary tree, heap, Complexity, , Linear Search, Binary Search, Hash Table, , Sorting, Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Merge sort, Radix Sort algorithm, , argc and argv, C startup routine, argv environ getenv, system(), atexit, , raise signal, abort exit, , Libraries, static linking, dynamic linking methods, implicit dynamic linking, explicit dynamic linking, , access C from VB, JNI C from Java, , arithmeic math, trigonometric, , fopen, fdopen, write vs append mode, binary vs text mode, binary mode, fseek, ftell, rewind, fprintf, fscanf, fflush, poll, select, fcntl, fputs,fgets,fgetc,fputc, printf, scanf, , ioctl, mmap, DOS low level IO access, DOS BIOS int86, sleep/delay, sound, nosound, , VGA programming in C, Mouse (int33),

Questions on C and C++, wide range of topics covered. Beginner, intermediate and advance levels have been included. Advanced topics like data structures, pointers, array, linked lists, search and sorting, algorithms, system programming, embedded system programming etc. #C questions

C++ questions banner, object-oriented, C vs C++, C++ vs Java, encapsulation, constructor, overloaded constructor, destructor, destructor overloaded, copy constructor, copy constructor, deep copy, deep copy vs shallow copy, singleton, default access modifier, default access modifier, default access modifier, abstraction, THIS pointer, static function, THIS pointer, a static function, scope resolution operator, inline function, private vs protected, const function, polymorphism, operator overloading, function overloading, overriding, prefix vs postfix, friend class, friend function, sizeof class with virtual, vfptr and vftable, vfptr and vftable using C, early binding and late binding, inheritance, virtual function call from a constructor/destructor, virtual destructor, virtual base class, virtual base class, exception, stack unwinding, exception handling, try-catch block, namespace, mutable variable and const function, mutable keyword, explicit, access a member function, object slicing, ctor sequence of constructor, dtor sequence of destructor, virtual destructor, print the type, dynamic casting, static casting, dynamic and static casting, const casting, reinterpret casting, static and reinterpret casting, template class, template vs macro,

Object-oriented language, C and C++, C++, encapsulation, constructor, destructor, vptr and vtable, polymorphism, inheritance etc. #C++ questions

Windows Programming, Win32 SDK Questions and Answers

Win32 mfc vc++ banner,GUI based program, SDK and API, DLL components, WinMain(), CallBack, calling conventions,PASCAL, CALLBACK, WINAPI, DefWindowProc(), LPARAM and WPARAM, MGS, message pump, window class, Register, WM_PAINT, BeginPaint, EndPaint, GetDC(), ReleaseDC(), Device Context, GetDC() and GetWindowDC(), client and non-client area, mouse events, unicode and international character/multi language support, string table, MFC application, CWinApp, CCmdTarget, m_pMainWnd, DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP(), BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP() and END_MESSAGE_MAP() , resource DLL, GDI, PEN, BRUSH, SaveDC, RECT, Bitmap, pallet, font, MetaFile, GetDeviceCaps(), GetSystemMetrics(), GetFontMetrics(), carat, menu, context menu, Modal and Modeless Dialog, CDataExchange, DoDataExchange(), UpdateData(), property sheet and property page, timer, clipboard, view control, Image List, common dialogs, File Open Dialog FindReplace, CStudioFile, drag-n-drop, serializtion, CArchive, worker thread and UI thread, AfxBeginThread(), synchonization, Frame, Doc/View, CRuntime class, RTTI, IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC? CFrameWnd, OnFilePrint().

Windows Programming, Programming with Win32 SDK and C, Programming Windows Application with MFC and C++ #C++ Under Windows and MFC

Dynamic Link Library(DLL) Questions and Answers

DLL questions banner, Dynamic Link Library, DLL executable sections, working mechanism, DLL Location, DLL loader, dependency chain, types of linking, entry point, implicit and explicit linking, imported and exported, export a function, __declspec,dllimport,dllexport, export a function, extern C, name mangling, export a class, call a DLL function, DLL instance, Process attach/detach, thread attach/detach, AFX Extension class, export MFC class, AFX_EXT_CLASS, dynamic linking in Linux, resource DLL, VB call DLL, Java call DLL,

Programming Dynamic Link Library, Internals of DLLs. Advence topics like: Dynamic linking in linux, name magling, resource DLL etc. has been included. #DLL questions

COM/DCOM/ActiveX Questions and Answers

COM/DCOM questions banner, OLE, COM, C++ exported class, interface based programming, IDL, ODL, COM class, QueryInterface(), AddRef() and Release() function? HRESULT, wrapper class, BSTR, factory class, IClassFactory, CreateInstance(), LockServer(), entry and exit point, self-registration and unregistration, CLSID, GUID, UUID, APPID, InProc (In Process) and Out-Of-Process, proxy/stub scheleton, help/guide line string, [in], [out], [in,out] and [out,retval], co-class, smart pointer, Marshalling, TypeLibrary, IUnknown, IDispatch, GetIDsofName(), Invoke(), Automation, SAFE ARRAY, enum types, callback, connectable object, Sink object, Apartment, STA, MTA, Single and Multi-Threaded Apartment, ActiveX, IEnumXXX, in-bound and out-bound interface, out-of process, SINGLEUSE, MULTIUSE, MULTI_SEPARATE, SUSPENDED, SURROGATE, COM aggrigation.

Component Object Model, Distributed Component Model, ActiveX Template Library, COM array, enum, callback, sink objects included. #COM/DCOM/ActiveX


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C/C++ Example Code

C/C++ Example Code

Armstrong number, binary number to a decimal number, bubble sort, decimal number to binary number, factorial of the given number factors, fibonacci numbers, HCF and LCM, matrix, mergesort, salary of the employee. palindrome, quadratic equation, star patterns, series etc. and much more...
#Example Source Code

Computer and Electronics Books

Computer and Electronics Books

#Books: Get all the list of text books and reference books for Electronics and Computer science. Author and publication has been added. Buy books online from amazon or download e-books available in the net.

Electronic Circuits

Electronic Circuits

#Circuits: List of electronics circuits for your hobby/assignments. Get ready to construct your circuits. Some of the standard circuit units/blocks are very essential to every project.

Electronics Notes

Electronics Notes

Get all your notes of your favorite subjects. Notes to prepare for examinations and interviews. New notes are getting added every week.

Final Year Project ideas

Final Year Project ideas

#Project Ideas
Find your final year project ideas and ideas of seminar topics. Find all the related resources available on the net. Topic titles are available to view.

Embedded Systems

Altera FPGA interfacing with ARM

Interfacing ARM CPU with FPGA

ARM interrupt driven 1bit LED peripheral read/ write operations using Altera FPGA and much more... This paper is intended for deeper understanding of ARM processor memory read write operations. We took mini2440 ARM9 board from FriendlyARM and Altera FPGA for this purpose. #Altera FPGA interfacing with ARM

BIOS Bootloader, PC Firmware

BIOS, POST, Bootloaders

All about Memory, Interrupts, x86 registers, Real Mode, POST, Software Interrupts, Keyboard Int16, Video Graphic Display int10, Disk Subsystem int13, development, debugging, PnP, PCI Card, Config Address, OPROMs, disk, Master Boot Resord (MBR), partitions, File Allocation Table (FAT), boot-loader, GRUB, NT Loader (NTLDR), Embedded System booting, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) #BIOS Bootloader, PC Firmware