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The followings are the points to discuss the difference between DOS and Windows and also why windows is preferable over DOS regarding GUI based interaction.

  1. DOS is text/console based OS. Windows is GUI based OS. DOS shell is command user interface or CLI, Windows provides graphical user interface GUI.
  2. DOS application does not obey any standard user navigation and user interaction protocol. Windows defines a set of standard widgets like menues, dialogs, windows, buttons, textboxes etc. which are common to all GUI based OS.
  3. DOS is single tasking OS. Windows is multitasking OS. User has flexibility to run more than one application at a time and can work simultaneously.
  4. DOS is based on 8086 16bit processor which can access upto 20bit of addess which is 1MB max. Windows is based on 386 32bit processor and can access 32bit which is 4GB or for 64bit this limit is even beyond.

Command line user interface (CLI)Graphical User Interface
User interaction not standard User interaction is unified for all GUI based OS
Single TaskingMultitasking
Based on 8086, 16bit OS, can access upto 1MBBased on 80386, 32bit OS, can access upto 4GB for 32bit

MS DOS vs MS Windows

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