Followings are the syllabus and reference books for VLSI Design Techniques.

System specification, functional &logic design of LSI, VLSI Systems and ckt., Logic &timing simulation so Sub systems layout design, verification &testing of VLSIs. Full custom, semi custom &application, specific (ASIC) design approach as Problems in VLSI system design and future trends and future trends.

Books and Links:
1. Neil H.E Weste, Kim Haase, David Harris, A.Banerjee, "CMOS VLSI Design : A circuits &Systems
Perspective", Pearson Education
2. Wayne Wolf," Modern VLSI Design - System-on-chip Design", Prentice Hall India/Pearson Education
3. Sung-Mo Kang &Yusuf Lablebici, "CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits, Analysis &Design", Tata
McGraw-Hill Edition
4. Philips E. Allen &Douglas R. Holberg, " CMOS Analog Circuit Design" , Oxford University Press
5. David Hodges, Horace G Jackson, &Resve A Saleh, " Analysis &Design of Digital Integrted
Circuits", Tata McGraw-Hill Edition
6. Ken Martin," Digital Integrated Circuits", Oxford University Press
7. R. L. Geiger, P.E.Allen, Noel R. Strader," VLSI Design techniques for Analog and Digital Circuits",
McGraw-Hill International Edition