Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Switching Engineering.

Introduction : Evolution of Telecommunication, Simple Telephone Communication, Basics of a Switching Systems, Manual Switching Systems, Major Telecommunication Networks. Strowger Switching Systems : Rotatory Dial Telephone, Signalling Tones, Strowger Switching components, Step-by-Step Switching. Crossbar Switching : Principles of Common Control, Touch Tone Dial Telephone, Principles of Crossbar Switching, Crossbar Switching Configurations, Crosspoint Technology, Crossbar Exchange Organization. Electronic Space Division Switching : Stored Program Control, Centralised SPC, Distributed SPC, , Software Architecture, Two-stage Networks, n-stage Networks. Speech Digitisation and transmission : Time Division Multiplexing. Time Division switching : Basic Time Division Space Switching, Basic Time Division Time Switching, Time Multiplexed Space Switching, Time Multiplexed Time Switching, Combination Switching, Three-Stage Combination Switching, n-stage Combination Switching. Traffic Engineering : Network Traffic Load and Parameters, Incoming Traffic and Service Time Characterisation. Telephone Networks : Subscriber Loop Systems, Switching Hierarchy and Routing, Transmission Plan, Transmission Systems, Numbering Plan, Common Channel Signalling, Cellular Mobile Telephony. Data Networks : Data Transmission in PSTNs. Integrated Services Digital Network : Motivation for ISDN, New Services, Network and Protocol Architecture, Broadband ISDN, Voice Data Integration. Data Integration.

Books and Links:
Text Books:
1. T. Viswanathan, " Telecommunications Switching Systems &Networks", PHI
2. P. Gnansivam,"Telecommunication Switching Systems &Networks";New Age.
1. Syed Riffat Ali,"Digital Switching System";TMH
2. J. Martin "Telecommunication and Computer" 3/e (PHI)
3. A.Z.Dodd "The Essential Guide to Telecommunication" (Pearson)
4. B.A.Farouzan "Data Communication and Networking" 4/e (TMH)
5. S. Rambhandran, " Telecommunication Principles, Circuits &Systems", (Khanna Publishers)
6. N.N.Deb: "Telecommunication Engineering" Vol-I &II, New Age
7. J.E Flood: Tele Communication Switching-Traffic &Networks-.(Pearson)