Write a program to input the name, department, roll number and marks of 5 students using structure and print the details of those students who have scored above 750

Source Code

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
  struct student
    char name[100];
    char dept[100];
    int rollno;
    float marks;
  struct student s1,s2,s3,s4,s5;
  printf("\nEnter the name, dept, roll number and marks of five students:\n");
  scanf("%s %s %d %f",&s1.name,&s1.dept,&s1.rollno,&s1.marks);
  scanf("%s %s %d %f",&s2.name,&s2.dept,&s2.rollno,&s2.marks);
  scanf("%s %s %d %f",&s3.name,&s3.dept,&s3.rollno,&s3.marks);
  scanf("%s %s %d %f",&s4.name,&s4.dept,&s4.rollno,&s4.marks);
  scanf("%s %s %d %f",&s5.name,&s5.dept,&s5.rollno,&s5.marks);
  printf("\nThe name, dept, roll number and marks of students are:");
    printf("\n%s %s %d %f",s1.name,s1.dept,s1.rollno,s1.marks);
    printf("\n%s %s %d %f",s2.name,s2.dept,s2.rollno,s2.marks);
    printf("\n%s %s %d %f",s3.name,s3.dept,s3.rollno,s3.marks);
    printf("\n%s %s %d %f",s4.name,s4.dept,s4.rollno,s4.marks);
    printf("\n%s %s %d %f",s5.name,s5.dept,s5.rollno,s5.marks);

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