Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Satellite Communication.

Satellite Communications: Evolution &Growth of communication satellites, International Regulation &frequency co-ordination, satellite frequencies allocations &Band spectrum, Advantages of Satellite communication, Active &Passive Satellites Satellite orbits: Introduction, Synchronous orbits, Orbital Parameters, Satellite locations, w.n.t. earth, look angles, Earth coverage &Slant range, eclipse effects, Doppler shifts, Sun-transit outage, Satellite placement in geo-stationary satellites, Station keeping, Satellite stabilization. Satellite link Design: Basic Transmission Theory, Systems Noise Temperature &G/T ration for earth stations, C/N Atmosphere &Ionosphere effects on link design, Uplink design, Downlink design, interference effects on complete link design, Earth station parameters. Modulation &Multiplexed technicians modulation: Baseboard voice signals, Frequencies modulation theory's/N improvement in FM, FM with multiplexed telephone signals, Analog FM SCPC systems, Compound Single Side Band (CSSB), Access techniques, BPSK, QPSK, FDMA, TDMA-Frame structure, Burst, Frame efficiencies, Supreme frame, Frame acquisitions &synchronization, TDMA Companion to FDMA, TDMA satellite systems, DAMA-Spectrum modulation, Direct sequence, PN, Freq. Hopping. Propagation on Satellite Earth pasks &its influence uplink design: Qualifying attrition &depolarization, propagation effects, Atmospheric absorption, Troposphere absorption, Troposphere Multipath &Scintillation effects, Land &seamultipath, Multipath effects and System design, Faraday Rotation in the Ionosphere, Ionospheric Scintillation. Rain &ICE effects: Characterizing Rain, Rain distributes, Calculating alteration, Rain effects on Antenna, wise temperature, ICE crystal effects. Earth Station Technology: Earth Station Design, Basic Antenna Theory, Parabolic Antennas, Earth Station Subsystems Monitoring &Control, Frequency Co ordination, VSAT. Intelsat &Inmarsat History &Structures of Intel sat, Intel sat Networks, Inmarsat Indian activities in Satellite communication.

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