Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Propagation and Antenna.

PROPAGATION: Different mode of radio wave Propagation, surface wave troposphere duct Propagation, troposcatter Propagation, ionosphere Propagation, magneto-ionic theory secant law, MUF, critical frequency, skip distance. ANTENNA: Oscillating dipole: Electromagnetic radiation, retarding potential, Antenna parameters: directivity, beam width, gain, radiation, thin linear antenna, loop antenna, long wire antenna, rhombic antenna. Antenna array: broadside and fire array, pattern multiplication, ground proximity effect, two and three-dimensional arrays. Array pattern synthesis: binomial array, Techebyshev array. Broadband antenna: Yagi Uda array, log periodic array, disc one and helical antenna turn style antenna. Aperture antenna, abinet's principle. Microwave antenna: open wave-guide, horn, parabolic reflector and its feed, Cassegrain antenna, wave-guide, slot array, lens antenna. Receiving antenna: reciprocity theorem, effective aperture. Friss transmission formula, antenna noise temperature. noise temperature.

Books and Links:
Text Books;
1. Electromagnetic Waves &Radiating Systems, 2ed Edition -
E. C. Jordan and K.G. Balmain,
Pearson Education
2. Elements of Electromagnetics, 4th Edition - Matthew N O Sadiku
Oxford University Press
3. Engineering Electromagnetics, 2ed Edition - Nathan Ida
Springer India
Reference Book
1. Electromagnetics, 2ed Edition - J A Edminister
2. Electromagnetic Waves - R K Shevgaonkar
3. Engineering Electromagnetics, 7thEdition-W.H.Hayt &J.A.Buck
Tata-Mc Graw-Hill