Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Power Electronics and Drives.

Power Amplifiers, Inverter circuits, Power semiconductor devices: power semiconductor diode, power BJT, power MOSFET, IGBT, FCT, MCT. Thirstier characteristics, types, performance parameters, series and parallel operation, thirstier firing circuits. Protection of devices and circuits: Snubber circuit, protection against transient voltage and current, diode and rectifiers. Thirstier communication techniques: Controlled rectifiers, single phase and three phase converters, static switch, AC voltage controller, uninterrupted power supply, Electric utility applications. Electric drives: Selection of motors, group and individual drive, nature of mechanical load-matching characteristics of load and drive. Starting and speed control of different types of dc/ac side. Open loop and closed loop control of motor speed. Electrical braking, Temperature rise. Load equalization of flywheel. Noise elimination. Control of traction motors. Elements of computer control of electrical drive, A/D and D/A interfacing. Role of microprocessors and programmable logic controller in motor control. ontroller in motor control.

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