Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Opto-Electronics and Display Devices.

LASER: Fabry Perot cavity, population inversion condition, three and four level laser, He-Ne and ruby lasers, energy level diagrams, Single and double hetero junction (SH &DH) lasers, quantum well lasers and applications, Liquid crystal display. FIBER OPTIC COMMUNICATION: types of optical fiber cables, Ray theory of propagation of light in optical fiber, single and multi mode fiber cables, Wave length division multiplexing, Fiber optics sensor, Opto couplers. DISPLAY DEVICES: Liquid crystals, Twitted Nematic Liquid Crystal, LCD, Principle of emission of light from p-n junction, LED and its colors and material Gas-discharge display devices, CRO as display device. Thermal Sensing and FAX printing. OPTICAL DEVICES: Semiconductor photo detectors: Photo detector parameters, -n and avalanche photo diode. Violates PV: Solar cell and its various types, radiation damages PV system and applications. mages PV system and applications.

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