Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Optical Fiber Communication.

Principles of Fiber Optic Communication: Introduction &Historical Background, Advantages of optical fire communications, Elementary Fiber optic communication systems. Fiber Optic Theory: Wave propagation in the Modes in the optical fiber, Numerical aperture refractive Index, Optical Fiber Properties, Splicing &joining of Fibers, Fibers, Single mode, multi mode fibers, step Index, Graded Index dispersion Fiber. Losses in the Fiber Optics, Attenuation, Absorption, Scattering Losses, Micro bending loss, Pulse dispersion, Dispersion Material, Intermode, Intramode, total dispersion, spilling &jointing loss, connector loss, Optical Wavelengths, Windows. Fibre Optical Devices: Optical sources, LED &Laser operations, Principle in LED &Laser, External quantum efficiency of LED, LED modulation, bandwidth, Coupling of LEDs WITH Fiber, Edge-emitting LED. Lasers: Principles of laser action, Types of Lasers, Gas Lasers, Semi-Conductor lasers, Distributed feed-back laser, Noise in the Laser diode, Comparison of LED &Laser Detectors: Photodiode, Quantum efficiency, PIN Photo diode, Avalanche Photo Diode (APD)-Avalanche multiplication process, Photo multiplier tubes. Fiber Optical Communication Stems, Optical transmitter, OPT Receiver, Link design, Power Budge analysis, Line codes for OPC, OFC modulation, intensity modulation. Local Area Network System, FDDI, SONET &SDH Networks, ISDN, BISDN &High Speed Networks, Comparison with Satellite Communications. Optical Fibre Measurement: Attenuation &losses- measurement, Dispersion &band width- measurement, Refractive index profile, Measurements using OTDR. Advances in the Optical Communications: Wave length division multiplexing, Optical time division multiplexing, Optical amplifiers. g, Optical amplifiers.

Books and Links:
1. Optical Fiber Communications by J.M.Senior, Prentice Hall
2. Optical Fiber Communications by G. Keiser, McGraw-Hill
3. Wireless Networks, Applications and Protocols by T.S. Rappaport, Pearson Education
4. Wireless Communications and Networking by J. W. Mark and W. Zhuang, PHI
5. Digital Satellite Communications by T.T.Ha, McGraw-Hill
6. Software Defined Radio: Baseband Technologies for 3G Handsets and Basestations by
W.H.W.Tuttlebee, John Wiley