Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Microwave Techniques and Rader.

Wave Guide: Rectangular and circular type, TE and TM waves in wave guides, heir transmission properties and attenuation. Transmission line analog of wave guide, Wave guide resonator, loaded and unloaded, Q. Dielectric slab wave guide. Microwave generation and amplification: two-cavity klystron, magnetron, TWT amplifier, solid state parametric amplifier, tunnel diode amplifier and oscillator, Gno oscillator, IMPATT, TRAPATT AND baritt OSCILLATORS, maser. Microwave components: adaptor, attenuator, directional coupler, tee, wave meter, circulator, filter, TR and ATR cells. Microwave communication system: L.O.S. system, troposcatter system, satellite system. Microwave heating and is applications, Microwave measurement, attenuation, frequency, power V.S.W.R, Q and noise figure. Radar Engineering: range equation, pulsed radar, CW Droppler radar, pulse Droppler radar, search and tracking radar, Electronic counter measures, active jammer, electronic intelligence receive (ELINT). Concept of Satellite Communication, Global Information Systems, Networking of Computers, Applications using JAVA &Internet. ns using JAVA &Internet.

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