Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Introduction to Computer System.

Introduction: Input/output units-key board, A/D converter, magnetic tape, floppy, Hard and Winchester disc system, CD-ROM, VDU, D/A converter, Printers, plotters; ALU-adder/substrater, Multiplication and division; storage units-Plain memory. Secondary or Auxiliary memory, Hierarchy among memory devices; control unit-organization, Hardwired and microprogrammed Control units case studies of typical computing systems using OOPS, C++/VC++. tems using OOPS, C++/VC++.

Books and Links:
Text Books:
1.Computer Architecture &Organization , Hayes, 4/e, MH
2.Computer Architecture , B. Parhami, OUP
3. Computer System Architecture, 3/e, Mano, Pearson/PHI
Reference Books:
1.Computer Organization, Hamacher, 5/e, MH
2.Computer Architecture , N.Carter, Schaum Outline Series, MH
3.Computer Organization, ISRD, MH
4.Digital Logic &Computer Organization, V. Rajaraman &T. Radhakrishnan, PHI
5.Computer Architecture, A.S Tannenbaum, Pearson
6. Computer Architecture &Organization, P.Chakraborty, Jaico
7. Computer Architecture &Organization, Govindrajan, MH
8. Computer Architecture &Organization, Stallings, PHI/Pearson.
9. Computer System Organization &Architecture-Carpinelli-Pearson.