Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Integrated Circuits and Design.

Introduction to basic IC fabrication processes like water preparation, etching, diffusion, epitaxy, oxidation, photolithography, ion implantation, metallisation, bending and packaging, Bipolar MOS, CMOS technology, CCD, Ga As devices. Integrated components and devices, stick &mask diagrams, design methodologies of system and sub systems of IC's. m and sub systems of IC's.

Books and Links:
1. Neil H.E Weste, Kim Haase, David Harris, A.Banerjee, "CMOS VLSI Design : A circuits &Systems
Perspective", Pearson Education (For module 1)
2. Wayne Wolf," Modern VLSI Design - System-on-chip Design", Prentice Hall India/Pearson Education
3. Sung-Mo Kang &Yusuf Lablebici, "CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits, Analysis &Design", Tata
McGraw-Hill Edition
4. Philips E. Allen &Douglas R. Holberg, " CMOS Analog Circuit Design" , Oxford University Press
5. David Hodges, Horace G Jackson, &Resve A Saleh, " Analysis &Design of Digital Integrted
Circuits", Tata McGraw-Hill Edition
6. Ken Martin," Digital Integrated Circuits", Oxford University Press ( For Module 2,4,5,6)
7. R. L. Geiger, P.E.Allen, Noel R. Strader," VLSI Design techniques for Analog and Digital Circuits",
McGraw-Hill International Edition.