Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Electronic Measurements and Transducer.

Measurement and error, statistical methods in experimental measurements, standards and calibration of instruments, reliability concepts. Electromechanical indicating instruments. Bridge measurements. Electronic instruments for measuring basic parameters and variables. True RMS voltmeter, electronic multimeter, digital voltmeter, Q-meter, Oscilloscopes. Cathod Ray tube and circuits, probes, Oscilloscopic measurements, storage oscilloscope. Signal generator: frequency systhesizer. Signal analysis: wave analyzer, harmonic distortion analyzer, spectrum analyzer, Transductor measurement of strain, displacement, velocity, acceleration, force, torque pressure; temperature etc. Noise measurement Guarding and shielding, Electronics gadgets associated digital measuring systems. Fiber optic measurement. ring systems. Fiber optic measurement.

Books and Links:
1.Jain-Digital Electronics, 2/e,TMH
2.Kalsi-Electronic Instrumentation , TMH
3.Malvino &Leach - Digital Principles &Application , 5/e,TMH
4.Helric A.D &Cooper W.D-Modern Electronic Instrumentation &Measuring Instruments, Wheeler Pub.
5.Dhir S.M-Applied Electronics &Instrumentation, TMH
1. Taub &Schilling - Digital Integrated Electronics,TMH
2. Givone-Digital Principles &Design,TMH
3. Shawney A.K-Acourse in Electrical &Electronic Measurements, Dhanpat Rai &Sons.
4. Bowens - Digital Instrumentation , TMH
5. Jones-Instrumentation , Measurement &Feedback, TMH