Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Electronic Manufacturing Technology.

Passive circuit components, Introduction of different types of Resistor, potentiometers, capacitors, inductors and coil transformers, fuses, circuit boards, connectors, holders ferrets, transformers stamping, neon lamps, panel meters both analog and digital switches, togging switch alarm, Design of the components, manufacturing processes and testing. Industrial Design: Product design methodology chachis, Breadboard, Heat dissipation aesthetic aspects, PCB design and lay out components and assembly computer aided PCB design with ORCAD, CAD, STAR etc. Soldering &Mounting Solder alloys, fluxes, thermal aspects of soldering, solder able surfaces, assessment of solder ability, joints on printed boards, Machine soldering of printed boards, Dip soldering, Drag soldering, wave soldering, computer controlled soldering, Quality of joints, mounting of devices, surface mount technology, multi layer boards, through hole techniques. Management Project Planning, Material Management Job schedule, Manpower handling, inventory control Testing, quality control, reliability and yield of product, packaging of product. product, packaging of product.

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