Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Electronic Circuit Theory.

Network elements &their characteristics, Foundation of Networks Analysis, Kirchoff's law, Super position theorem, Reciprocity theorem, Thevenin's theorem, Maximum power transfer theorem. Transformation of sources, network topology, loop &nodal analysis, duality. Transient response of R-L, R-C,R-L series &parallel circuits. Reonance series &parallel. Q-factor, phasor diagram, network theorem &transformation. Singurarity, impedence &network function, transfer function, Laplace Transform and application of Laplace Transform. One Port network, Poles &zeros, synthesis of R-L network. Elements of two port network, filter &other practical circuit analysis. actical circuit analysis.
Books and Links:

Text books :
1. Sudhakar:Circuits &Networks:Analysis &Synthesis 2/e TMH New Delhi
2. Valkenburg M. E. Van, "Network Analysis", Prentice Hall./Pearson Education
3. Engineering circuit analysis with PSPICE and probe-Roger
4. Engg Circuit Analysis,: Hayt 6/e Tata Mcgraw-Hill
5. A. Chakravarty: Networks, Filters &Transmission Lines
6. D.Chattopadhyay and P.C.Rakshit: Electrical Circuits
7. A.V. Oppenheimer and A.S.Wilsky: Signals &Systems, PHI/Pearson
8. R.V.Jalgaonkar.: Network Analysis &Synthasis.EPH.
9 . Sivandam- Electric Circuits and Analysis, Vikas
10. V.K. Chandna, A Text Book of Network Theory &Circuit Analysis, Cyber Tech
11.Reza F. M. and Seely S., "Modern Network Analysis", Mc.Graw Hill Book Company
12.Roy Choudhury D., "Networks and Systems", New Age International Publishers.
13.Kuo F. F., "Network Analysis &Synthesis", John Wiley &Sons.