Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Digital Signal Processing Technique.

Characterization of signals and systems, Digital modulation: time domain representation, spectral Characteristics generation and detection of digitally modulated signals. Modulation and demodulation for the additive Gassing noise channel, Efficient sampling over fading Multipath channels, Spread spectrum communication. Concept of signal processing, Discrete time signal: Z-transform, DFI, FET, flow graph theory and matrix representation, Digital filter approximation of FIR and IIR filter, Discrete Hilbert transform, Discrete random signal, Effect of finite register length in digital signal processing, Two dimensional signal processing, Image processing: concept, image filtering and image segmentation. Simulation: concept, simulation of digital filter and simulation technique, DSP chips d simulation technique, DSP chips

Books and Links:
1. Digital Signal Processing - Principles, Algorithms and Applications -
J.G.Proakis &D.G.Manolakis, Pearson Education/ PHI.
2. Digital Signal Processing Signals, Systems and Filters -
A. Antoniou, TMH Publishing Co.
3. Digital Signal Processors Architectures, Implementations and Applications -
S.M.Kuo &W. Gan, Pearson Education
4. Digital Signal Processing - A Computer Based Approach -
S.K.Mitra, TMH Publishing Co,
5. Digital Signal Processing - P. Rameshbabu,
Scitech Publications ( India )
6. Digital Signal Processing - S. Sharma,
S.K.Kataria &Sons
7. Digital Signal Processing - S. Salivahanan, A. Vallavaraj &C. Gnanapriya,
TMH Publishing Co.
8. DSP Spectral Computation and Filter Design - C. Chen
Oxford University Press.
9. Digital Signal Processing A Hands on Approach - C. Schuler &M. Chugani
TMH Publishing Co.
10. DSP: System Analysis &Design-Pablo S.R Diniz, Eduardo A.B Desilva &Sergis L. Netts-
Cambridge University Press.
11. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing - Roman Kuc - BS Publications