Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Digital Logic.

Differnet number system their representation &conversions. Boolean algebra-postulates and axioms. Representation of truth table POS and SOP forms. Parity generators Code converters. N and /NOR realization. Exclusive -OR functions. Combinational logic minimization with K-map and Quine McLuskey method. Use of multiplexers and Demultiplexers in realization of logic and stroking. Sequential network -latch and flip-flops with combinational logic gates, clocking methods Synchronous and asynchronous counters, Up and down counter, register. Analysis and Synthesis of sequential circuits. State diagram and state table- Minimization methods Clock mode, controllers, Use of memory circuits. Racing and logic hazards. Implementation of hazard free logic circuits. ic circuits.

Books and Links:
1) Fundamental of digital circuits by A.Anand Kumar (PHI)
2) Modern digital Electronics (3/e) by R. P. Jain (TMH)
3) Digital design by M. Mano (Pearson)
1) Digital systems (9/e) by R.J.Tocci, N.S.Widemer,G.L.Mos (Pearson)
2) Digital Fundamentals by T.L.Floyd, R.P.Jain (Pearson)
3) 2000 solved problems in digital electronics by S.P.Bali (TMH)
4) Digital design principals and applications (6/e) by D.P.Leach, A.P.Malvino, G.Saha (TMH)
5) Digital Electronics-Bignell &Donovan,Delmer,Thompson Learning
6) Digital principals and design by D.D.Givone (TMH)
7) Digital design principals and practices by J.F.Wakerly (Pearson/PHI)