Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Communication Theory and Technique II.

Signal analysis, Fouler series Transform, Frequency domain representation, random processes, filtering. Noise, sources of noise, special component of noise, noise statistics and noise filtering. Noise in AM receiver, SRN of square law and Envelope detection, signal and noise power at FM demodulator output, Pre-emphasis and reemphasis, Threshold in FM discriminator, Extension of threshold by different techniques, Signal by noise ratio, Data communication, Base-band receiver, filtering techniques, reception, correlation, ASK, PSK, DPSK, FSK principles, error analysis of PSK and FSK signal detection's, Error calculations, Information Theory, Messages and Signals, discrete and continuous message channels, concept and measure of information, Average information-Entropy information rate. Mutual information, channel capacity, Redundancy and efficiently, Noisy channels, Sharon Hartley law and its implications, coding theory; codes and its properties, different codes and characteristics, inequalities, instantaneous codes, Encoding. es, instantaneous codes, Encoding.

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