Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Basic Electronics.

Diode Circuits: Rectification, Half wave rectification, Full wave rectification, Bridge rectifier, Clipping, Clamping, Sampling, Additional diode circuits like Comparators, Peak Detectors(Envelop detector for AM). Transistors: Junction Transistor, Construction of BJT(n-p-n and p-n-p), Circuit operation of transistors circuits, Transistor as Amplifiers, Common Emitter (CE) Mode, Common Collector (CC) Mode, Common Base (CB) Mode, characteristics curves. DC biasing of transistors, small signal equivalent circuit with h parameters, amplifier &biasing, elements of JFET operation, JFET amplification &biasing, elements of MOSFET operations

Books and Links
Electronic Principle - by Malvino
Integrated Electronics - by Millman &Halkias
Electronics Devices &Circuits - by Mottershed
Microelectronics - by Millman &Grabal
Electronics Circuits - by Schilling &Belove
Electronics Devices &Circuits - by Salivahanan
Foundation Of Electronics Devices &Circuits - by Manish Mukherjee
Basic Electronics and Linear Circuits - by Bhargava
Foundation of Electronics - by Rakshit &Chattopadhyay
Electronics - by Storey
Electronics Devices And Circuits. Vol. I&II.EPH - by S.C.Sarkar
Basic Electronics - by Basavrag Vikas
Introductory A.C. Circuits Theory - Mann, K. of Universities Press
Physics of Semiconductor Devices - by Ray Dilip Kumar, Universities Press
Electronics :Fundamentals &Application - by Chattopadhyay &Rakshit, New Age
Electronics Devices &Circuits - by Paul P. John, New Age
Electronics Devices &Circuits - by Poornachandra