Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Basic Electrical Techniques.

S.I Units- Electrical, Mechanical &Thermal Storage Cells and Batteries-charging &maintenance, conductors and insulators including fuses, D.C. and A.C. circuits analysis including inductively coupled circuits, Network theorems-super position theorem, Reciprocity theorem, Thevenin's theorem, Norton's theorem, Maximum Power Transfer theorem. Electromagnetism-magnetic field intensity, Magnetic Flux Density, Biot-savart law, Amper's law intensity around straight long current carrying conductor, circular loop, short &ong solenoids, Amper's circulated law, energy density-lifting power of an electro magnet, Rise &Decay of current in inductive circuit, time constant, self &mutual Inductance-Energy Stored. Statically &Dynamically induced EMF. Magnetic Hysteresis loss, EDDY current loss. Magnetic circuits : Three phase E.M.F &balanced three phase circuit. balanced three phase circuit.

Books and Links:
1. Basic Electrical engineering, D.P Kothari &I.J Nagrath, TMH, Second Edition
2. Fundamental of electrical Engineering, Rajendra Prasad, PHI, Edition 2005.
3. Basic Electrical Engineering, V.N Mittle &Arvind Mittal, TMH, Second Edition
4. Basic Electrical Engineering, J.P. Tewari, New age international publication
5. Basic Electrical Engineering(TMH WBUT Series), Abhijit Chakrabarti &Sudipta Nath, TMH
6. Electrical Engineering Fundamental, Vincent.D.Toro, Pearson Education,
Second Edition.
7. Hughes Electrical &Electronics Technology, 8/e, Hughes, Pearson Education.
8. Basic Electrical Engineering, T.K. Nagsarkar &M.S. Sukhija, Oxford
9. Introduction to Electrical Engineering, M.S. Naidu &S, Kamakshaiah, TMH
10. Basic Electrical Engineering, J.J. Cathey &S.A Nasar, TMH, Second Edition.