Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Advanced Optical Communication.

Introduction to fiber optics, Physics of light. Principles of fiber optics: Introduction, light propagation, line width, propagation velocities, Optical sources for communication: light emitting diode (LED), laser drive electronics, Optical detectors, photo detectors, P-N photodiodes, P-I-N photodiodes, avalanche photo-diode, detector circuits. Fiber characteristics, losses, dispersion in optical fiber, types: step optic communication, analog and digital systems, data rate, band width and dispersion, Modulation and multiplexing. Fiber optic components: splicer, connector, coupler, switches. Fiber optic communication systems: modulation, multiplexing, coding. Repeaters, bandwidth and rise time budgets, Power budget, dynamic range. Fiber optic application: Lical area network, longhand communication, other communication system, Fiber optic sensors: Medical applications. rs: Medical applications.

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