Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Advanced Instrumentation and Telemetry.

Review of basic transducers and measurements of pressure, temperature flow, characteristics and response of 1st order, 2nd order instrument, accuracy: On line computer based measurements with DAS: Output from transducer, differential and single ended output, voltage/current level shifting, A/D and D/D converters, GPID interface card, handshaking software's, data processing and presentation, few examples of above system. Telemetry: Basic idea of telemetry, protocols, few applications of telemetry. Analytical Instruments and Measurements, X-ray measurements, spectroscopy, different types of Electron Microscopes and SEM. Mass spectrometer, Sensors, sensors for gas and liquid trace, impurity measurements, single crystal and hybrid sensors, techniques of measurement of trace impurities, few applications in environmental measurements. in environmental measurements.

Books and Links:
1. Swobada G - Telecontrol Method and Application of telemetering and remote control - Van Nostrand, 1971.
2. Schwartz M - Information Transmission - Modulation &Noise - MGH, 1970.
3. Gruenberg E L - Handbook of Telemetry and telecontrol - MGH, 67
4. Carley B A - Communication system - Introduction to signals and noise in electrical communications - MGH, Int. student. Edn.
5. D Patranabis - Telemetry principles - Tata McGraw Hill.