Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Advanced Control System.

Mathematical model of physical systems, equation and transfer function, state space able transfer function and state equations, Characteristics of closed loop system, Permanence of control systems, first and second order systems, steady state error, Stability near systems, Routh Hurwitz criterion, Root locus method: principle and properties, frequency response plot, Bode plot, Nyquist criterion, transfer function from frequency response, Design and compensation of control system: PID controller. Digital control: stability and frequency, response of discrete time systems. Non-linear systems: communication linearity's, describing function analysis, Lyapunov's method of stability analysis. tability analysis.

Books and Links:
Text Books:
1.Control systems engineering - Nagrath &Gopal, New Age International Ltd.
2.Modern control Engineering, 4/e - Ogata, PHI/Pearson
3. Control System , Madan Gopal, MH
Reference Books:
1. Automatic Control System, Kuo, PHI
2.Digital control &state variables, M.Gopal
3.Control Engineering, Theory &Practice, M.N. Bandyopadhyay, PHI
4. Digital control systems - Kuo, Oxford
5. Systems and Control - Stanislawhizak, Oxford
6. Automatic control systems - S. Hasan Saeed, S.K. Kataria &Sons
7. Neural networks and fuzzy systems - Bart Kosko, Prentice Hall/Pearson.
8. Fuzzy Logic Applications in Engineering Science - J. Harries Springer.
9.Introduction to Linear &Digital Control System,-A.K Ghosh, PHI
10.Control System-Theory &Application- S. Ghosh- Pearson.