Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Advanced Communication theory.

Principal of Signal transmission, distortion, Amplitude modulation, Linear square and exponential modulation, spectrum and power consideration, DSB, SSB and VSB techniques, Demodulation and detection principles and techniques, Square law, Balanced analog modulators and average envelop and peak detectors, RK tuned amplifier, R.F. oscillators, Mixer and if of frequency and phase modulation, spectrum and F.M. signal, BW consideration, Narrow band FM and PM principles, FM demodulation principles and techniques, slope demodulator, fosters eely discriminator, Radio detector, The phase lock loop demodulator, Class-A, Class-B and Class-C, Class-D power amplifiers. Radio communication system, Radio transmitter, neutralization, AM and FM radio receivers, receiver testing and measurement of Radio relay system. Pulse modulation, sampling theorem, PAM channel BW and multiplexing, Signal recovery, Pulse time modulation, detection of PWM and PPM Signals, BW and cross balks. gnals, BW and cross balks.

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