Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Advance Electrical Techniques.

DC Machines: construction, EMF equation no load characteristics, shut- series, and compound- generates. Armatures reactions &communication. DC motors-shunt series and compound motors. Transformers: single phase- construction, emf equation, pharos diagram, equivalent circuit, regulation &efficiency, three phase star -Delta connections. Parallel operation. Alternators: construction, emf equation, synchronous impedance, regulation &efficiency, Round rotor machine-pharos diagram. Induction motors : rotating magnetic field, slip, constriction of three phase motors. Torque Slip characteristics, equivalent circuit - performance calculations. Speed control, starter, Elementary principles of common types of single phase induction motors. Measuring Instruments: commonly used Instruments for measuring voltage, current, power &energy - elementary treatment of construction &principles of operation. on &principles of operation.

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