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Utilities of Serialization

Serialization is the process of reading or writing an object to or from a stream. Serialization is used in many areas in many ways.

  1. Application can save the state of one or more objects. State attributes are again retrieved in the opposite way as it was saved.
  2. Application can maintain the state of the objects used even after application is terminated.
  3. An IDE editor or any other editor application can maintain the state of toolbar, menu items, settings etc using Serialization.
  4. Applications uses project file which is a single file to maintain a list of files used at one time. Serialization can be used to maintain the path of individual. files used in the project and their corresponding settings.
  5. Drawing application can save the array of vector drawing objects in a single file as drawing file.
  6. Database application can use Serialization to save a number of records in a data file.
  7. Application uses socket to communicate to other applications or applications in remote system. Serialization can be used with CSocket file to transmit and receive objects over network.
  8. Serialization can be used to transmit/receive the object over serial port or other communication channel.

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