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C, C++, VC++, COM/DCOM, DLL and more
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Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Principals of Programming Languages.

Concepts of structural program development; concept of data types; precedence and associatively of operators; conditional transfer; deterministic and in-deterministic loops; recursions; functions and procedures - call by value, call by reference and their differences; programming for numerical methods; records. Data-type handling and various constructs (conditional, loop, functions etc); pointers: concept of pointers and passing parameters using pointers, non-numeric processing, concept of arrays of pointers and pointers to pointers; structures and unions - advantage of using structures, concept of information hiding, pointers to structures; files - basic concept of various types of file access methods: sequential, indexed sequential, random, various statements for file handling Advanced Programming Languages like C++, ADA, LISP, PROLOG, and PASCAL. Comparison of various Languages AL. Comparison of various Languages

Books and Links:
1. Tennence W.Pratt, “Programming languages design and implementation”, Prentice Hall of India.
2. Allen B. Tucker, “Programming Languages”, Tata McGraw Hill.
3. Gottfried BS – Programming with C, TMH pub.
4. Balagurusamy:ANSI C TMH
5. Kanetkar, Yashvant – Understanding Pointers in C- 2nd Edn. BPB
5. Kanetkar, Yashvant - Let us C. - 3rd revised Edn. BPB
6. Roosta- Foundation of Programming Languages,Vikas
7. Jeyapoovan- A First Course in Prog with C, Vikas
8. Programming In C++, Y.I. Shah and M.H. Thaker, ISTE/EXCEL BOOKS
9. Fundamentals of Programming Languages, R. Bangia,Cyber Tech