Mirror Image of a Binary Tree

We take a binary tree and iterate from the root till the lowest sub tree. Each time we visit a node, we swap left and right child. This logic is recursive and execution goes to entire sub-trees level and completes the process. The resulting binary tree a mirror image of the original binary tree.

Mirror a Binary Tree

Source Code

void mirror_tree (struct node* node) { 
  if (node==NULL) { 
  } else { 
    struct node* temp; 
    /* recurse to do the subtrees */
    mirror_tree (node->left); 
    mirror_tree (node->right); 
    /* swap the pointers in this node */
10      temp = node->left; 
11      node->left = node->right; 
12      node->right = temp; 
13    } 
14  }

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