There are several C compilers available in market. GNU C Compiler or GCC is the most popular one. GCC is open source and comes free with all flavors of Linux. GCC is also available for MAC OS X. GCC is not very popular in Windows. However though several port of GCC are available in Windows. Cygwin gcc is one of them. Dev-C++ is another one is a port of GCC in Mingw. Microsoft C Compiler comes with Visual Studio/VC++/Windows SDK or Windows DDK/WDK. Some of this comes as free and some are paid. Intel C++ compilers are also available for x86 platform running Windows or Linux. Turbo C/C++ compiler is available for DOS operating system also run in Windows Command prompt. DJ's GNU Programming Platform DJGPP is a GCC port for i386 DOS platform. TurboC and DJGPP are used to develop DOS applications, Games and BIOS code. Borland C/C++ compiler available for DOS and Windows.

All the above compilers are mostly creates output for x86 platform and also runs in x86 platform. Now there are many cross-compilers available. These compilers run in x86 platform in Windows or Linux but generates output for other platform like Itenium IA64 , ARM, Atmel, PIC etc. HP C Cross Compiler is for Itenium Processor. ARM-GCC port cross compiler is for ARM based platforms. There are Cross GCC compilers avaibale for processors like MIPS, PowerPC, 68K, Xscale IAR C/C++ cross compilers are for Atmel Processors. MPLAB XC is for Microchip PIC Processor.

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