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C, C++, VC++, COM/DCOM, DLL and more
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Computer Science Engineering Notes, study material, syllabus, books, reference links and project works on Computer science. This website is open for all students, teachers and professionals. We welcome you to sign in for a free membership. We have a wide range of notes, books, white papers, question/answers etc. to help you in your study.

#Computer Organization and Architecture: Learn how to organize a computer system, how to interface, CPU, Memory, peripherals etc.

# Microprocessor and Microcontroller: Microprocessor is the heart of any computer. Learn ALU, Bus System, Assembly instructions etc.

# Principals of Programming Languages: Types of programming languages, generations of languages etc. # Data Structures and Algorithms: Develop complex programs using algorithms, learn how to use data structures, optimize sorting and searching algorithms etc.
#Operating System: System software runs on the system after startup and manages all the resources of the system. # Real Time and Embedded System: Learn how a special purpose operating system differs from general purpose OS.
# Computer Network: Learn how computers communicates between each other. Vast span of internet. # Formal Language and Automata Theory: Learn what is programming language, what is grammar, syntax etc.
# Compiler Construction and Language Processor: Learn how to construct your own programming language, internals of C compiler, linker etc. # Software Engineering: Learn how software development life cycle works. Different Models, Testing, Validation etc.

Armstrong number, binary number to a decimal number, bubble sort, decimal number to binary number, factorial of the given number factors, fibonacci numbers, HCF and LCM, matrix, mergesort, salary of the employee. palindrome, quadratic equation, star patterns, series etc. and much more...
#Example Source Code

C Language: Questions on C and C++, wide range of topics covered. Beginner, intermediate and advance levels have been included.
#C | #C++

Windows Programming: Windows Programming, Programming with Win32 SDK and C, Programming Windows Application with MFC and C++
#C++ Under Windows and MFC

DLL Programming: Programming Dynamic Link Library, Internals of DLLs. Advence topics like: Dynamic linking in linux, name magling, resource DLL etc. has been included.

COM DCOM Programming: Component Object Model, Distributed Component Model, ActiveX Template Library, COM array, enum, callback, sink objects included.

ARM interrupt driven 1bit LED peripheral read/ write operations using Altera FPGA and much more... This paper is intended for deeper understanding of ARM processor memory read write operations. We took mini2440 ARM9 board from FriendlyARM and Altera FPGA for this purpose. #Altera FPGA interfacing with ARM All about Memory, Interrupts, x86 registers, Real Mode, POST, Software Interrupts, Keyboard Int16, Video Graphic Display int10, Disk Subsystem int13, development, debugging, PnP, PCI Card, Config Address, OPROMs, disk, Master Boot Resord (MBR), partitions, File Allocation Table (FAT), boot-loader, GRUB, NT Loader (NTLDR), Embedded System booting, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) #BIOS Bootloader, PC Firmware

How Computer and Its Peripherals Works? History of Computers, Introduction to Computers, The System Unit, Microprocessor, Memory, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner, Floppy disk Drive, Hard Disk Drive, CD-ROM Drive, DVD-ROM Drive, SMPS, UPS, CVT, Modem, Network Interface Card.
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Are you New to the Internet World ?
If you had just enter into the world of internet and don't know anything regarding Internet, you may going to face a lot of problems. So, learn the basic aspects of Internet World. Our simple and easy to learn tutorial will help you a lot.
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