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Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Software Engineering

Note I: There will be one objective type question comprising 10 numbers spread over the entire syllabus and each carrying one mark.
Note II: Two questions are to be set from each module out of which five questions are to be answered taking at least one from each module. All questions carry equal marks.
Module I
Overview of System Analysis & Design , Business System Concept, System Development Life Cycle, Waterfall Model , Spiral Model, Feasibility Analysis, Technical Feasibility, Cost- Benefit Analysis, COCOMO model. Module II
System Requirement Specification DFD, Data Dictionary, ER diagram, Process Organization & Interactions. System Design Problem Partitioning, Top-Down And Bottop-Up design ;Decision tree, decision table and structured English; Functional vs. Object- Oriented approach.
Module III
Coding & Documentation - Structured Programming, OO Programming, Information Hiding, Reuse, System Documentation.
Testing Levels of Testing, Integration Testing, Test case Specification, Reliability Assessment . , Validation & Verification Metrics, Monitoring & Control.
Module IV
Software Project Management Project Scheduling , Staffing, Software Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Project Monitoring. CASE TOOLS : Concepts, use and application.
e and application.

Books and Links:
1. R. G. Pressman Software Engineering, TMH
2.Behforooz, Software Engineering Fundamentals,OUP
3. Ghezzi, Software Engineering, PHI
4.Pankaj Jalote An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, NAROSA.
5.Object Oriented &Classical Software Engineering(Fifth Edition), SCHACH,TMH
6.Vans Vlet, Software Engineering, SPD
7.Uma, Essentials of Software Engineering, Jaico
8.Sommerville, Ian Software Engineering, Pearson Education
9.Benmenachen, Software Quality, Vikas
1. IEEE Standards on Software Engineering.
2. Kane, Software Defect Prevention, SPD