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Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Real Time & Embedded System


Introduction-defining Real time systems,Embedded Real Time Systems,Special Characteristics of real time systems,a brief evolutionary history.
Hardware Architectures of Real Time systems.
Software architectures(concepts of interrupt driven activation,need for real time monitor,pseudo parallelism),meeting of dead lines & real time constraints.
Overview of WARD & MELLOR Methodology: Ward & Mellor Life Cycle,the essential model step,the implementation model,real time extensions of DFD
Real time languages: overview of ADA/Java Extension
Real time Operating Systems .
System Development Methodologies.
elopment Methodologies.

Books and Links:
Text :
1. “Embedded System Design” Frank Vahid &Tony Givargis; John Wiley &sons, Inc.
2. “Real – Time Systems and software”Alan C. Shaw ; John Wiley &Sons Inc
3. “Fundamentals of embedded Software”, Daniel W. Lewis, Pearson
4. “Real time Systems”, J. W. S. Liu, Pearson
5. “Embedded Realtime System Programming”, S. V. Iyer and P. Gupta, TMH
1. “An Embedded System Primer” David E. Simon; Addison-Wesley Pub
2. “Embedded System Design” Steve Heath; Butterworth-Heinemann Pub.
3.”Embedded System Computer Architecture” Graham Wilson, Butterworth-Heinemann,