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Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Data Structure and Algorithms

Overview of C language Time and Space analysis of Algorithms - Order Notations. Linear Data Structures - Sequential representations - Arrays and Lists, Stacks, Queues and Dequeues, strings, Application. Linear Data Structures, Link Representation - Linear linked lists, Circularly linked lists. Doubly linked lists, application. Recursion - Design of recursive algorithms, Tail Recursion, When not to use recursion, Removal of recursion. Non-linear Data Structure: Trees - Binary Trees, Traversals and Threads, Binary Search Trees, Insertion and Deletion algorithms, Height-balanced and weight-balanced trees, B-trees, B+ -trees, Application of trees; Graphs - Representations, Breadth-first and Depth-first Search. Hashing - Hashing Functions, collision Resolution Techniques. Sorting and Searching Algorithms, Bubble sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Quicksort, Merge Sort, Heapsort and Radix Sort. File Structures - Sequential and Direct Access. Relative Files, Indexed Files - B+ tree as index. Multi-indexed Files, Inverted Files, Hashed Files. Inverted Files, Hashed Files.

Books and Links:
Text book :
1. Data Structures and Algorithms – O.G. Kakde &U.A. Deshpandey, ISTE/EXCEL BOOKS
2. Aho Alfred V., Hopperoft John E., UIlman Jeffrey D., “Data Structures and Algorithms”, Addison Wesley
3. Drozdek- Data Structures and Algorithms,Vikas
References :
1.Heileman:data structure algorithims &Oop Tata McGraw Hill
2. Data Structures Using C – M.Radhakrishnan and V.Srinivasan, ISTE/EXCEL BOOKS
3. Weiss Mark Allen, “Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++”, Addison Wesley.
4. Horowitz Ellis &Sartaj Sahni, “Fundamentals of Data Structures”, Galgotria Pub.
5 Tanenbaum A. S. , “Data Structures using ‘C’ ”
6 Ajay Agarwal: Data structure Through C.Cybertech