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Followings are the syllabus and reference books for Compiler Construction and Language Processor

Introduction to Compiling
Compilers, Analysis of the source program, The phases of the compiler, Cousins of the compiler. Lexical Analysis
The role of the lexical analyzer, Tokens, Patterns, Lexemes, Input buffering, Specifications of a token, Recognition of a tokens, Finite automata, From a regular expression to an NFA, From a regular expression to NFA, From a regular expression to DFA, Design of a lexical analyzer generator (Lex).
Syntax Analysis
The role of a parser, Context free grammars, Writing a grammar, Top down Parsing, Non-recursive Predictive parsing (LL), Bottom up parsing, Handles, Viable prefixes, Operator precedence parsing, LR parsers (SLR, LALR), Parser generators (YACC). Error Recovery strategies for different parsing techniques.
Syntax directed translation
Syntax director definitions, Construction of syntax trees, Bottom-up evaluation of S attributed definitions, L attributed definitions, Bottom-up evaluation of inherited attributes.
Type checking
Type systems, Specification of a simple type checker, Equivalence of type expressions, Type conversions Run time environments
Source language issues (Activation trees, Control stack, scope of declaration, Binding of names), Storage organization (Subdivision of run-time memory, Activation records), Storage allocation strategies, Parameter passing (call by value, call by reference, copy restore, call by name), Symbol tables, dynamic storage allocation techniques. Intermediate code generation
Intermediate languages, Graphical representation, Three-address code, Implementation of three address statements (Quadruples, Triples, Indirect triples). Code optimization
Introduction, Basic blocks & flow graphs, Transformation of basic blocks, Dag representation of basic blocks, The principle sources of optimization, Loops in flow graph, Peephole optimization. Code generations
Issues in the design of code generator, a simple code generator, Register allocation & assignment.e generator, Register allocation & assignment.

Books and Links:
Text books:
1. Aho, Sethi, Ullman - “Compiler Principles, Techniques and Tools” - Pearson Education.
2. Holub - “Compiler Design in C” - PHI.